Who Do We Think We Are?

DSDFile was created to supply the audiophile & music loving world with the best recordings on DSD. The DSD format was around a long time before SACD. It was developed for archiving use. Because the archiving technicians didn’t feel the PCM format captured the sound from the analogue master tapes they were archiving. The 1-bit stream technology became the answer and is in it self more similar to an, ever changing, analogue stream of music. Since then a lot has happened and PCM is today much better than it was in the beginning. But there are still many people that feel PCM takes away or add something to the sound that they do not perceive as natural.
The SACD is good! Though format wars, fear of piracy and drive quality always troubled the SACD disc. But since 2011 Sony agreed on a transfer protocol that enables you to stream a pure DSD file from your computer or media player via USB to a D/A converter of choice.
We have done extensive testing and the DSD format is as close to the master tape as you can possibly come! In the testing environment the people that were present was audiophiles, the producer as well as the artist who recorded it. All came to the same conclusion that the master tape sound was only truly captured by DSD. And if quality counts DSD will be the format of the future for exact rendition of the sound of the Master Tape. As well as the recording format of the future! We are finally on par with the sound quality of the analogue recording decks of the 60-70’s.

Titles that have the headline “Direct from Master Tape to DSD” is music we know never seen more bits than ONE. That means: been recorded analogue and transferred to DSD, by us.¬†And if you don’t want a tape deck in your system DSD will get you the closest. And that’s what we offer: The closest thing to the Master Tape!


/Hugo Thorsin & Jan Eric Persson


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