If a download doesn’t work or you loose your files, contact us and we will see to it that you can once again download what you purchased. We keep track of all order history.

We offer no refunds under any circumstances. If the files don’t work we can offer limited support and offer another try at the same files. But if you purchase the files without the right hardware at home we recommend a trip to your favorite HiFi dealer to get the gear you need.

We accept no responsibility for any damage when our files are used with the wrong equipment or wrongly installed or configured software. Or if strong dynamics damage any part of a system.


1. Why is the volume so low?

A: That is because there is no or very little compression! Somewhere at every song there is a transient close to peak clipping level. We could have pressed that peak to allow a higher normal gain. But this allow you to be in charge of the volume not us! This is the same reason that TV-comercials usually have higher volume than the TV-program you’re watching. And too much compression is a common complaint among audiophiles. This is what “compression free” sounds like! So if it’s a big difference from what you’re commonly listening too…. compression has been used!

2. I get CRC errors!

Download the files again! The files on our server is totally free from errors. But sometimes errors occur when downloading files. Try downloading the files again. If this does not work see if you have any friends with a more stable network. Maybe at you office or so. If this does not work contact us and we’ll see if we can sort it out.

Use these files with great care.

Happy listening!