About DSD Playback

DSD is still fairly new when compared to all other techniques of audio playback. It is both high performace and system demanding.

It is good practice to have as few other processess as possible running while you play music. The ultimate solution is to have a dedicated computer for music only with as few program installed as possible.
To review our releases we use a Studer B67 with a first generation copy of the master tape as reference. We then use DACs from Mytek or Questyle together with a Apple MacBook Air running Audirvana. Or a PC running Korg Audiogate together with Korg Dac-10.
We like these combinations but there are many other Tape Decks, DSD DACs, Computers & playback software. And there is a steady progress in the field of DSD playback. If we discover any substantial progress we will post it here.
Positive Feedback Online has assembled a list DSD capable D/A Converters Here!
If you’re using JRiver make sure you read this and follow the instructions. Otherwise you might be playing DSD converted to PCM.
Hope you take the time to get the settings right and enjoy our DSD downloads at full capacity!