1. Gladys
(L. Hampton)

2. Move
(D. Best)

3. Land of the Midnight Sun
(B. Wilber)

4. Cavatina
(S. Meyers)

5. Exactly Likee You
(J. Mc Hugh)

6. Concert D´ Aranjuez
(J. Rodrigo)

7. Reunion Blues
(M. Jackson)

8. Sweet and Hot Mop
(J. White)

9. Sweet Georgie Fame
(S. Harris-B. Dearie)

10. Invention in C_major
(J.S. Bach)

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Two Sides of Lars Erstrand. This recording really shows three sides of the world famous vibe player Lars Erstrand: in Duo, Trio and Quintet  settings!
It was also his “debut” album on Opus 3 Records in 1983!
Together with Sweden´s swing élite!, he playes tunes like: Gladys,  Move  Land of the Midnight Sun,  Exactly Like You,  Reunion Blues, Cavatina,  Concerto D´aranjues,  Sweet Georgie Fame, etc.

“Roland Jivelid; Tenor Sax, Knud Jörgensen; Piano, Bertil Fernqvist; Acoustic Guitar, Arne Willhelmsson, Double Bass, and Pelle Hultén; Drums. Roland Jivelid gently supple Stan Getz influenced tenor sax playing, softly humming Knud Jörgensen, whos ingenious piano playing raises the temperature quite a few degrees, and not least but last the leader himself, with his vibes bursting forth into a glorious fireworks of glittering tonal cascades!”
(Musik och Ljudteknik)