“Showcase J A Z Z”is a broad selection of our different Jazz Recordings between early 80-ties up until 2015.
Most of them was made on analogue tape and some in DSD!

It starts off with one of our very popular album with “Knud Jörgensen Jazz Trio”with music from the Swing era.

Our latest latest Jazz vocalist Yamina, is featured on the 2nd track with a great song from the “American Songbook”!

We recorded 6 albums with vibraphone playerLars Erstrandand this track is from our 2nd album with him in 1984.

Kenneth Arnström was the founder of Kustbandet  (1962) and is here with Tomas Örnberg´s BLUE FIVE band and also produced by Tomas Örnberg.

Maria Winther was our first Jazz vocalist in 2006 and who received for this album the“Monica Zetterlund Award”in 2011!
Another great song from the “American Songbook”, here in a quite different version!
Joakim Milder is here featured on Tenor Sax.

The Johan Dielemans Trioalbum, “Round Midnight”was our 2nd Jazz Trio album, but with more modern jazz music.
Another great track from the “American Songbook”.

From Joakim Milder´sown album“Consensus”from 1992, we are treated to “My Funny Valentine” .

Also modern jazz is the last track: “Falling Grace”  from Gösta Rundqvist´sJazz Trio album“Treecircle”,   we

1. Softly As In The Morning Sunrise
from: Knud Jorgensen Jazz Trio “Teach me tonight”

2. How Deep Is The Ocean
from: Yamina – “How deep is the Ocean”

3. Too good to be true
from: Lars Erstrand and four Brothers

4. Bluer than blue
from: Kenneth Arnstrom “Rhythm king”

5. A Flower is a Lovesome Thing
from: Maria Winther “Dreamsville”

6. Come rain or come shine
from: Johan Dielemans “Round Midnight”

7. My funny valentine
from: Joakim Milder ” Consensus”

8. Falling grace
from: Gosta Rundqvist Trio “Treecircles”

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Note: 5 of the songs on the collection is recorded in DSD64 and upsampled to DSD128 just so your player don’t need to toggle between sampling rates. It doesn’t effect the sound.