1.  I ain´t gonna give nobody none of my Jelly Roll
2. Stealin´ away
3. Funny feathers
4. Baby won´t you please come home
5. Liza
6. Solitarness
7. Out of the galion
8. Forty and tight
9. Sobbin´ blues
10. Somebody stole my gal
11. Bluer than blue
12. Rhythm king

“There is a mind-blowing tenor playing in the opening number and Mezzrow-Bechet´s “Out Of The Galion”. And the solo in “Solitariness” is quite comparable with the recorded achievements of the greatest tenor giants in jazz history! It It would be very surprising if Kenneth Arnström´s album Rhythm King did not become a Swedish jazz classic!
I have no hesitation in recommending this Opus 3 Records! In it, Arnström´s genius blossoms forth to perfection. In this style, he is the unrivaled master!”
(In 1962, Kenneth had formed Kustbandet big band, together with Christer Ekhé.)

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