1.Telemann ViolinConcerto – I Presto
2.II Andante
3.III Allegro
4.Bach Prelude no.22
5.Frescobaldi – La Frescobalda
6.Cimarosa – Larghetto in C-minor
7.Bach – Prelude no.2 in C-minor
8.Bach – Brandenburg Concerto no.6   –  I  Allegro
9.II Adagio ma non troppo
10.III Allegro

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DSD128 (5.6MHz) Size: 2,1gb (zip)

In the Quartet´s first recording, Transcriptions, Opus 3 CD7810, they set out to both demonstrate and also explore the potentialities of a quartet playing on four differently tuned guitars for a mix of: Spanish, Baroque and Impressionist Music. This album was already offered for downloading in 2013. In this, their 2nd album, they have been a little more selective and have concentrated on just one period, the Baroque.
We are very sorry to let you know that just recently, the leader and founder of the Stockholm Guitar Quartet, Peder Riis left us only 62 years old…. He also made a solo album on Opus 3 Records, that we later will also offer in DSD128!