1. Desolate Fields
2. The Circus Tune
3. Gentle Loops
4. Soft Rainfall
5. Revenge
6. Shall we dance
7. The King
8. Unca´s flight
9. Baroque
10. Number Nine
11. The Waltz
12. Coctail in the Garden
13. II Fuga
14. You and You and all of Us
15. Womanizer
16. The day before
17. Huling

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New unconventional innovative WorldMusic, excitingly and unusually arranged in original compositions. Three guitars, violin and double bass and a complete percussion section,

“Listening to this group is a real joy. They turn familiar concepts upside down, reaching out in all directions for inspiration and ingredients! Mind-blowing music that refuses to be pigeon-holed  –  which is the best compliment I could ever think of paying!”