1. Wedding March
2. Walking Mallets
3. Three Seconds to D
4. Rauk Part I
5. Rauk Part II
6. Rauk Part III
7. Aurora Borealis

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DSD64 (2.8MHz) Size: 1,1gb (zip)

Global Percussion Network is a newly formed percussion group whose music is quite different compared to what you normally associate with percussion music. The group mainly base their music on the “melodic” percussion, Marimba and Vibraphone, and are at the same time very melodic and rhythmic, with a lot of free improvisation and with flavours of jazz. All pieces are arranged in order to also take the advantage of those possibilities that SACD multi-channel (surround) offers. This new technique has also been a major source of inspiration for those pieces that have been chosen for this recording. Global Percussion Network was formed 2000 by the composer and musician Anders Åstrand, one member of the duo Åstrand/Wager who recorded the quite special organ/percussion album, “Live at Vattnajökul” (HDCD 19802) on Opus 3 which was recorded in Iceland 1998. He and his group also plays on SACD “Across The Bridge Of Hope”.

Although the music itself may be somewhat unusual and won´t appeal to your average Britney Spears fan, “Rauk” is an outstanding disc for the thoughtful, educated listener. It is more than a match for anything I have heard from major SACD labels, both in terms of surrounding presentation, creativity and fidelity and as such, is highly recommended”

(HighFidelity – S. Robinson, USA)
This is Opus 3´s first pure DSD recording and the new technique could not possibly be better used than on this recording”
(HiFi & Musik, Sweden)

On The Absolute Sounds SACD “Highly Recommended” list 2003 !