1. Out of nowhere
2. Some of these days
3. Summertime
4. Ziggin´ and a zaggin´
5. Cherokee
6. Sophisticated lady
7. Dark Eyes
8. I can´t get started
9. Indiana
10. Blues amore

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DSD64 (2.8MHz) Size: 1,9gb (zip)

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DSD128 (5.6MHz) Size: 3,8gb (zip)

In April 1976, at the age of 74, the legendary swing saxophonist Benny Waters made a momentous appearance at the internationally famous jazz-blub Stampen often known as “The Pawnshop”, in Stockholm.  This album is a memento of this concert and a wonderful musician. Worthy  of note is the fact that the  pianist on this recording is the late, great and unfortunately the most “underrecorded”  Swedish swing piano player Björn Milder  –  yes, Joakim Milders father!  –  who was considered by many visiting musicians to be “world class”. And they should know!

Please note: This recording was made half a year before “Jazz at The Pawnshop”

“The only way to describe this extraordinary analogue recording (vintage 1976) is “smoothness plus”. With a degree of “liveness” that borders to the uncanny, Opus 3 Records has given us yet another fabulous album! Featuring  the great (but sadly late, 1902 -1998) Benny Waters this album was recorded in The Pawnshop” in Stockholm.  It´s probably the finest analogue jazz recording I have had the pleasure  of listening to. The second track, “Some of these days”, is exceptional, and presented with a clarity and presence that is truly astounding! A “must buy” album for any audiophile jazz lover!
Australian HiFi