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Since many years, we have been looking for a female jazz singer and in 2006, one of my close artist, piano player and composer Gösta Rundquist (”Treecircle”, Opus 3 CD 19801) found her: Maria Winther!

Almost immediately it was no doubt that Gösta also wanted to be the producer of her debut album and also make the choice of the musicians in the band!

Joakim Milder on Tenor sax, Christian Spering on Double bass – Christian is on Joakim Milders Opus 3 album from 1992, ”Consensus” – and Ola Hultgren on Drums.

Needless to say, the whole band is among the Swedish jazz elite in this genre!

The music on this album is mostly from The American Songbook – songs that has been part of Maria for a very long time.

Maria was awarded in 2011 the “Monica Zetterlund award” in the ‘Newcomer of the Year’ category, to quote the judges….. “With sincerity, love and skill she guides the listener towards the essence of music”.


1. Dreamsville – 5,47
(R.Evans – J.Livingston – H.Mancini)

2. April in Paris – 4,09
(E.Y.Harburg – V.Duke)

3. A Foggy Day in London Town – 6,17
(G&I Gershwin)

4. A Flower is a Lovesome Thing – 3,22

5. I’ve Grown Accustomed to His Face – 6,16
(A.Lerner – F.Loewe)

6. You Must Believe in Spring – 4,39
(M.Bergman – M.Legrand)

7. Love is a Many Splendoured Thing – 4,45
(S.Fain – P.Webster)

8. At Last – 5,39
(M.Gordon – H.Warren)

9. For Heavens’Sake – 4,49
(D.Meyer – E.Bretton – S.Edwards)

10. We’ll be Together Again – 5,50
(F.Laine – C.Fischer)

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