The breadth and range of styles, techniques and genre of Pathfinder makes it a unique guitar album in the sense that it cannot be labelled……..though perhaps “the complete guitar album” could be considered even though this was not the original aim.
Bert “East” Östlund’s musical journey takes us not only to Detroit and Nashville in the USA and Newcastle in England but also to Rio and Paris!

The music has all been composed and arranged by “East” himself with music of outstanding quality and featuring his considerable collection of guitars both acoustic and electric and where the Telecaster and Strat play leading roles.

1. Pathfinder 2´45
2. Paddle Steamer 3´35
3. Café Oasis 2´52
4. Calm Beach 2´47
5. Le Petit Pain 2´37
6. Reflections of the Sun 2´38
7. The Milky Way 3´38
8. Cliffhanger 3´16
9. Spånga Station 3´02
10. Poco Loco 2´44
11. Au Revoir 2´35
12. Sweet Talkin’ 3´46
13. Guitar Stumble 2´51
14. Snow Crystals 2´36

Bert “East” Östlund: All guitars: Telecaster, Stratocaster, Guild, Danelectro, Levin, Washburn, Gibson and Gretsch. Bert also plays the piano and Fender Rhodes.
Janne Robertson: Chimes, congas, shaker and tambourine
Peter Forss: Double bass
Hux Flux Nettermalm: Drums

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